Understanding Affirming Communities, Relationships, & Networks

Published papers

  • Delgado-Ron JA, Jeyabalan T, Watt S, Black S, Gumprich M, Salway T. Sampling Sexual and Gender Minority Youth With UnACoRN (Understanding Affirming Communities, Relationships, and Networks): Lessons From a Web-Based Survey. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 2023:e44175. DOI: 10.2196/44175

Manuscripts under review

  • Pirani Y, Delgado-Ron JA, Marinho P, Gupta A, Grey E, Watt S, MacKinnon K, Salway T. Frequency of self-reported persistent post-treatment genital hypesthesia among past antidepressant users: a cross-sectional survey of sexual and gender minority youth in Canada and the US. 2023. DOI: 10.31219/
  • MacKinnon K, Jebalayan T, Strang G, Delgado-Ron JA, Lam JSH, Gould WA, Cooper A, Salway T. Discontinuation of gender-affirming medical treatments: Prevalence and associated features in a non-probabilistic sample of transgender and gender-diverse adolescents and young adults in Canada and the United States.


Other reports